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Nika Belianina is a filmmaker and a fine art photographer, residing in Toronto, Canada

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  • The spring is in the air!

    It surely has been a while since my last update! Hello, friends.

    Last year I decided to take a break from the busy film schedule and to enjoy life at its fullest - for the first time in my 10 year career. My journey took me to the Black Rock desert, home of the Burning Man festival, and to the lifeless haunting landscapes of Death Valley with the temperatures of 46C (115F) in shade. In between I visited Yosemite National park and did a blitz-tour of San Francisco. Somewhere out there I found my tiny personal Paradise.

    Amidst Czech Republic and Russia I presented my feature doc to a sold-out audience at Guelph Documentary Film Festival. And in my native Moscow I gave a master-class on filmmaking to a full house of new generation of film hopefuls.

    In 2016 I continue my exploration of Japanese Butoh dance (Ceiling Dance is my little experimental video inspired by it) and embark on a new film's journey. Below are the highlights since my last summer's update. 

    Film Screening
    "Eccentric Eclectic"  documentary went to South Africa yet again! This time the film opened 10th annual The Edge of Wrong festival. This seems extremely fitting to our film! And in June it'll screen at the Jerome Indie Music & Film Festival in Arizona, USA.
    Jury Duty
    No, not the one that you think! Past March I was on a jury panel in visual arts section for one of the American Foundations for the Arts. It was an intense and vigorous process and an exceptional opportunity to explore what contemporary artists have to offer. I wish I could name the institution I was involved with, but I signed a non-disclosure agreement. The irony of life has it - as I was jurying installations, paintings, photography, film and performance arts, similar foundation rejected my own application. :-)
    Come and say hello to me at HotDocs Festival (Apr 28-May 8), if you happen to attend and I'd gladly tell you what's my next feature film is all about.
    I'm glad to announce that my work hangs on the walls of Visual Feast - a beautiful gallery in downtown Oshawa, Ontario (Canada). You can view them till the end of May,11 am - 5 pm, daily. Reception is on Friday, April 29th 4pm-9 pm at 16 King Street East, Oshawa. All artwork is available for sale. Please contact the gallery or me for more details.
    Last June a 90ft (27m) long installation made of my Aspen photographs appeared alongside a construction site in downtown Toronto, thanks to PATCH initiative. Construction is now almost over and you can see only about 15 meters of the remaining artwork. I noticed how more photographers took this as a core idea and as of the last two months similar projects started to pop up here and there. It's exciting to be amongst the first ones.
    No matter what I do, short form subjects still find me. So stay tuned for "Joel's Fire" short documentary.
    Inspiration Forum
    It surely was a privilege to be among 10 selected from around the world directors for Jihlava Documentary Film festival's Inspiration Forum (Czech Republic). Julian Assange (WikiLeaks) and Masha Alyokhina (Pussy Riot) were among key speakers. Me and Masha later got lost in XIV century catacombs of Jihlava. What fun!
    Burning Man etc
    Me and my friends arrived at the biggest party and an art showcase in the world - Burning Man - few days before it officially started, to help bring it to life. These ten days in the desert rejuvenated my spirit and renewed my perception of life. I witnessed one of the most fun and bizarre weddings, helped build a circus tent, hosted a number of bumper cars races and got inspired for years to come. Very few photos were taken there as my soul was taking it all in instead.
    Yosemite National Park
    Thank you so much for your continuous interest! It means a lot to me.
    Nika Belianina
    April 2016

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